Who Is The Active Shooter/Assailant & Campus Intruder Response Plan For?

School Boards

Corporations / Businesses

Custom Training Events

The C.O.B.R.A. Defense Active Shooter/Assailant Response Plan™ (ASRP) for active shooter situations in schools, businesses, and in the home:

  • Internationally taught curriculum created by a seasoned police officer with active shooter training
  • Taught in a short session for effective learning
  • “Critical Window” training focuses on the moment the shooting starts to when the shooter is stopped or police arrive
  • Professional step-by-step manual and DVD included
  • Non-firearm Active Assailant Training addresses how to effectively deal with an assailant who is using alternative weapons
  • All experience levels are welcome

I have not only heard countless articles of what to do if there’s an active shooter, but I have reported on them too. It’s the same story each and every time…However, today was different. Today, I actually learned something. This isn’t your prestigious Emmy story, this isn’t your investigative report, this isn’t the story of moving mountains or interviewing a murderer. Instead, its a story that could truly save your life. These are just a few survival tips I want to share with you. Survival tips I hope you never have to use. Survival tips we as humans will only hope we won’t have to remember.”  ABC Action News Reporter – Nicole Grigg

Who Is The Active Shooter/Assailant & Campus Intruder Response Plan For

  • An active shooter is anyone who opens fire on a group of unarmed people. C.O.B.R.A.’s Defense Active Shooter Response Training program prepares and instructs civilians, corporations, groups, and organizations how to deal with an armed assailant. The ASRP plan also includes how to respond to an assailant using weapons such as a knife or blunt force instrument.

    Unfortunately, these scenarios will always exist. Created by a seasoned law enforcement officer with active shooter training, the C.O.B.R.A. Defense Active Shooter Response Training is designed to address this reality and to minimize the damage.

  • Private & Public School Boards

  • Corporations / Businesses

  • Churches

  • Hospital

  • Custom Training Events

  • Instructor Training

Not Just For School Shootings

Shootings can happen anywhere there’s a large gathering of people, and they happen at random. The first indication you have that anything is wrong is when the gunman starts shooting. You can be prepared to respond accordingly.

Attend our next Active Shooter Response Workshop. These seminars are open to the general public on a first-come first-served basis. 

What’s Your Plan?

Having an established and practiced plan can greatly increase your odds of survival in an active shooter situation. Most people have plans for hurricanes, tornadoes, and fire, but don’t consider having a plan for an active shooter situation. This training provides basic understanding and teaches real actions you can take that can actually save lives.